Top 5 slime pet peeves

slime pet peeves

If you’ve ever made slime and it didn’t come out right you know of a few pet peeves. Slime pet peeves are things that happened to slime that is very annoying. Here are our top five slime pet peeves:

1. When slime is too sticky

When slime is too sticky it gets stuck to your hands and it’s just a gooey mess. The perfect slime is neither sticky nor hard it’s perfect. This slime pet peeves can be easily fixed by adding more activator.

2. Hard slime

Hard slime is another one of our pet peeves. Is happens when your slime is over activated it becomes hard and difficult to stretch and all the beads and any other decorations you put into your slime usually fall out easily.

3. When people poke slime with one finger

Poking slime with one finger seems to annoy everyone on the internet so make sure you poke your slime with four fingers

4. Ugly slime colors

Adding food coloring to slime to make it look very beautiful but sometimes you want to create a new color and sometimes it comes out horribly wrong and ends up being an ugly gray or an ugly brown or just black.

5. When your slime gets stuck to the container

Sometimes you can make a really good slime that you love so much and you want to keep it. So you grab a container stuff your slime into it and stored on the Shelf. Weeks later you return to play with your slime just to find out that it’s super sticky. You open the container and your slime is stuck to the entire thing. This can be fixed by adding a little activator and to your container needing your slime to bring it back to life.

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