Top activators you can use to make slime

In order to make slime you’ll need an activator. Here are a list of four different types of activators you can use.

1. Tide laundry detergent

You can buy this at your local grocery store or just lick near your washer.

2. Liquid borax

Liquid borax is made by mixing water and borax. Borax is a laundry soap booster and can be found in your laundry detergent aisle of your grocery store.

3. Contact solution

You can find contact solution in your beauty and health aisle of your grocery store and it is best used with a little bit of baking soda which can be found in grocery store as well.

4. Salt water or saline solution

You can make this at home by adding salt to a cup of water but you can also use nasal drops as well because that too is saline solution.

Well there you have it for different activators you can use to make your very own slime.

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