Slime is a trending novelty item that began as a sensory toy. Sensory toys are used to provide children with autism the sensory input they need. Slime as well as other sensory toys stimulate the 7 senses.

How slime helps relieve stress from school and homework for kids.
Letting your child play with slime can help reduce their stress from school and homework.


Taking brain breaks are essential to reducing stress. Whether it be homework, actual work, or emotional stress, a little distraction will help you forget your problems. Take time to squish slime in between your hands or better yet make your own slime and relax for a while.

Girl playing with slime to relieve stress.
Girl playing with slime to relive stress.

Reducing Tension

When you squeeze and squish slime it’s very similar to squeezing a stress ball. You have a lot of tension built up that may make you feel down. Squeezing slime helps release tension and in-turn reduces stress.

How playing with slime makes kids happy.
Slime makes kids happy by relieve stress.